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Recently, Worst Western has decided to provide free alteration services to trans and non-binary individuals in Tucson, Arizona. Click the button below to book your appointment. The booking feature works best on a desktop computer and not so well on a mobile device. I currently work from home in downtown Tucson, and will be accepting alterations and repairs there. This service is completely free and offered because I believe the trans & non-binary community is not given enough options in mainstream fashion. Owning a garment tailored to your body and design needs brings confidence and most importantly, comfort. Being able to fully express yourself through fashion almost feels like a superpower! After booking your appointment there is nothing else that you need to do! Appointments are on a first come first served basis, and certain seasons may be busier than others.


Currently this program is being funded by Diana Williams and Worst Western does accept donations for those that would like to contribute to the free service. Thank you Tucson for years of support and love!