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Who's The Worst?


Worst Western is a business powered by one woman, me. Diana Williams. I started learning how to sew in 2012 in ATX, and since then I haven't stopped. Back in 2013 I officially opened the Worst Western Etsy shop. Over the years I've made one-off garments, custom costumes, swim suits, lingerie, and have helped people with alterations.

My mission is to make clothing for every body type, especially for someone like me. I am on the "larger" side of the general sizing chart, and I've always been sick of the poor design choices big designers make for us. I also love to make popular garments such as bralettes, more suitable for women who are more busty and completely improve the design. Not only am I moving towards making clothing for everyone, I am moving towards being more sustainable. I purchase vintage fabrics as much as i can, but it is not always possible. If i purchase any new fabrics i make sure to use every single scrap.

If you're one of my loyal Instagram followers, you know about the race to purchase something from my shop. My goal is to make more garments you are interested in and in larger quantities.

Thank you so much for your strong support over the years, and for investing in a black owned business.


Made For Everyone

I support the LGTBQ community. If you are unsure how something will fit you under the "womens" or "mens" category, I will personally go out of my way to make sure the garment fits you perfectly! 


Alterations & Custom Orders

All alterations & custom orders are taken by appointment. My focus is on designing/making clothing, sometimes I may not be available for this service.

Giving Back

Want to learn how to do something quick and simple on your sewing machine? Need to learn how to hand sew? Please contact me and I would love to give you a helping hand.